A Step In direction of Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computer systems



Quantum pc developed on the RIKEN RQC-Fujitsu Collaboration Heart

A hybrid platform combines the benefits of quantum computer systems and quantum simulators! 

Fujitsu, an info and communication expertise supplier and Riken, a analysis institute introduced profitable growth of a 64 qubit superconducting quantum pc together with a platform for hybrid quantum computing. 

The pc consists of an built-in 64 superconducting qubit chip (a central ingredient for the computing capabilities of quantum computer systems). It makes use of a vertical wiring scheme much like that of Riken’s quantum pc (Japan’s first), making it scalable for future enlargement. It leverages a qubit management software program to realize high-precision management of qubits. Utilizing quantum superposition and entanglement states, it’s anticipated to have compute speeds a lot increased than classical computer systems. 

The platform for hybrid quantum computing combines the computing energy of 64 qubit superconducting quantum pc with 40 qubit quantum pc simulators. Quantum simulators, which might digitally imitate quantum computation, can doubtlessly allow sensible fault-tolerant quantum computer systems (FTQC). In contrast to present quantum computer systems, quantum simulators can carry out error-free and long-step (quantum-like) computations as they don’t depend on error-prone qubits. However, they can’t notice precise quantum acceleration, an anticipated good thing about sensible quantum computer systems.

The hybrid platform has a scalable cloud structure. It permits simple comparability of calculation outcomes of noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) computer systems in opposition to error-free outcomes from quantum simulators. It’s anticipated to allow versatile switching between quantum computing and quantum simulation. The platform could also be linked to exterior quantum chemistry calculation libraries sooner or later.

They’re additionally growing an algorithm that hyperlinks superconducting quantum computing with high-performance computing (HPC) which permits quantum chemistry calculations with better accuracy than standard algorithms (Coupled cluster single, double, and triple or CCSD(T)). The algorithm permits the calculation of enormous molecules with excessive accuracy utilizing quantum algorithms and density matrix embedding principle (DMET). The algorithm is deliberate to be included within the hybrid platform.

Fujitsu and RIKEN will additional promote the event of applied sciences together with high-density implementation to understand a 1,000 qubit superconducting quantum pc, in addition to applied sciences to realize extra exact quantum gate operations.


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